Mike Martin

Mike Martin is the founder and head of SEO at More Leads Local. He is also the Sales and Marketing Director at Contact Funnels Ltd and the owner of Magic Page Plugin, Lead Simplify and Page Rewriter softwares designed to help businesses succeed online.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Website Health Check, Ensuring Your Optimal SEO Performance

The Ultimate Guide to Website Health Check, Ensuring Optimal SEO Performance In the digital age, maintaining a healthy website is as crucial as keeping a physical store clean and inviting. A website health check comprehensively examines your site’s performance, usability, and, most importantly, its Search Engine optimisation (SEO) status. This process ensures that your website

Dorset Web Designer

Revamping Your Business Through Dorset Web Design Introduction Welcome, everyone, to our piece on revamping your business through Dorset Web Design! We’ll be exploring the concept of using web design to give your business a much-needed boost. We’ll be looking at the different approaches you can take, the benefits you can experience, and examples from

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