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Get on the Map!

A Google Business Profile functions as your digital megaphone, shouting out the virtues of your local business to the world. Imagine it as a digital billboard installed on the busiest cybernetic boulevard, outlining your services, operating hours, and business location to billions of internet users. This makes your business not just a click away, but also clearly understood and easily accessible by potential customers, positioning you as their first choice.

Navigating the Digital Map: Making Your Mark

The magic of Google Business Profile extends beyond its initial promise! Your profile also serves as your passport to Google Maps, one of the globe’s most utilised navigation tools. By validating your business location, you’re doing more than simply staking your claim in the digital sphere. You’re illuminating like a beacon on the navigation screens of local customers. There’s no more need for hide and seek – your business becomes an easy find!

Customer Reviews: The Cherry on Top

The crowning feature of Google Business Profile must undoubtedly be the review function. Your pleased customers now have the opportunity to declare their appreciation for your services publicly, posting glowing reviews directly onto your profile. Each five-star review acts as a compelling endorsement, rocketing your business’s credibility at record speed. With each positive review, visualise a steadily expanding crowd of loyal customers, virtually rallying and vouching for your business.

Unleashing Your Secret Weapon: Google Business Profile

In short, Google Business Profiles are akin to a local business’s secret weapon. They help you build your online presence, simplify the process for customers to locate you, and provide a platform where your customers can boost your business reputation. At More Leads Local, we’re enthusiastic about assisting you in setting up your Google Business Profile, illuminating your presence on the map, and harnessing the potent power of customer reviews. Let’s catapult your business to local superstar status!

The Professional Profile Package

In the competitive sphere of local business, standing out from the crowd is the secret sauce to success, and that’s exactly where More Leads Local comes into its own! Consider us your digital pit crew, fully equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to supercharge your online presence, with Google Business Profile serving as one of our secret weapons.

Setting the Starting Line: Google Business Profile Setup

Setting up a Google Business Profile? That’s merely the starting line for us. We don’t just plot your business on the map; we optimise your profile to ensure you’re shining more brightly than a lighthouse amidst the foggy digital sea. This translates to enhanced visibility, increased footfall, and, as you might have guessed, a significant increase in leads!

Powering Up Your Profile: Full Optimisation

Now, here’s where we truly alter the game: we optimise your Google Business Profile to its maximum potential. We meticulously choose all the right keywords to charm search engines, select high-quality images to captivate customers, and consistently update information to keep everything spot-on. It’s akin to providing your profile with a complete makeover, transforming it from a run-of-the-mill listing into a magnetic attractor for local customers.

Navigating the Review Landscape: Amplifying Positive Feedback

Concerned about reviews? We’ve got that aspect covered too! We’ll guide you through the intricate landscape of online reviews, morphing positive feedback into robust endorsements for your business. Visualise each 5-star review as a personal commendation to every potential customer out there. Now that’s a solid credibility booster!

Winning Together: Freeing You to Do What You Do Best

The icing on the cake? While we’re hard at work optimising, you can focus your energies on what you excel at – operating your extraordinary local business. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Why More Leads Local: Taking the Lead

So, why should you choose More Leads Local? Simply because we do more than merely setting up Google Business Profiles, we optimise them. We ensure that your local business doesn’t just join the online race but takes the lead. Let’s propel your business ahead of the competition, together. After all, the view is far superior from the top!

How Much Does A Google Business Profile Cost?

In the realm of Google Business Profiles, we generally see two types of businesses. There are those who merely set it up and cross their fingers, hoping for the best, and then there are those who meticulously optimise their profiles, elevating themselves to local legends. Guess which category garners the best returns? Yes, you’ve got it.

Free Setup: The Good and the Bad

Let’s get down to brass tacks – or rather, let’s discuss price. The cost of setting up a Google Business Profile by yourself is entirely free. This implies that anyone can do it. Sounds appealing, right? However, if everyone is doing it, the results can be as unpredictable as a British summer. Consequently, we invariably recommend having a professional in your corner. The only snag is, pricing tends to be quite variable. You’ll find folks charging exorbitant rates, and others who might offer their services for next to nothing. But here’s the catch: they’re typically just setting it up, without offering optimisation.

What’s Next?

Ready to make your business the talk of the town? Great! Because we’ve got the perfect next step for you. You know, a Google Business Profile is a great way to get more traffic to your website. And a poorly optimised website is to business what onion breath is to kissing, a fast track to loneliness!

Take our FREE website SEO audit so you get a better idea of which virtual holes need patching up. Then you’ll have access to book a strategy call with one of our experts. They can lend an ear to your Google Business Profile woes, and work out a plan that’ll be the most efficient for you and your business!

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