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The Local Business Lead Domination Package is a comprehensive 12-month programme to maximise your local business’s online presence and lead generation. It combines website creation, backlinking, direct lead capture and tracking to give you a competitive edge in your local market.

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Dominate Local Business
With More Leads Local

It couldn’t be easier to boost your main website’s SEO and drive more organic traffic!

12 Links

We find 12 expired domains from your industry that have a history.
We transform those domains month by month into websites with local relevance.
The Home Page of each new site will link directly to your business website for SEO.

12 Websites

We will build a new website every month for a year!
Each site is optimised for Local SEO with pages that target every location up to a 15-mile radius of your business!
Our tried and tested content strategy is designed to help these sites rank in the SERPs.

Lead Simplify

Each site will have a form and/or phone number that sends new leads directly to you!
Phone and form leads will be collected, tracked and distributed to you from within a Lead Simplify system.
100% of all leads generated are yours to collect, work, distribute or sell as you see fit.
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Capture. Convert. Conquer.

A fast track to local business supremacy!

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Increase Visibility

Wider Audience Reach: Each website targets a specific local area, ensuring your business reaches a broader audience across multiple communities.

Competitive Edge: Being visible multiple times on the first page of Google puts you ahead of competitors who may only have a single online presence.

Cross-Marketing Opportunities: Multiple sites allow for varied marketing strategies, catering to the specific demographics of each area.

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Boost SEO

Higher Search Engine Rankings: Quality backlinks from the 12 local websites directly contribute to higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Long-Term Organic Growth: A strong SEO foundation ensures sustained organic growth, reducing reliance on paid advertising.

Keyword Expansion: This approach enables targeting a broader set of keywords, including local and niche-specific terms, enhancing overall SEO performance.

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Streamline Leads

Direct Customer Engagement: Immediate and direct communication channels on each website (phone/form) facilitate quicker customer engagement.

Lead Quality Improvement: Leads generated are more likely to be high-quality and relevant, as they come from targeted, localised sources.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Streamlined lead processes and targeted content increase the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

Designed for Local Businesses

What’s Included

  • We will create one website every single month for a full year. These websites will include:
    • Up to 200 optimised location-specific pages
    • Professionally written SEO-optimised content
    • Backlinks pointing to your existing business website
    • Form and/or phone number sending leads directly to you
  • Each website will be SEO-optimised to rank for your local business intent-based target keywords.
  • 100% of all leads generated will be sent to you directly or to a business of your choosing.

You will pay $1000 per month for 12 months. After 12 months renewal will be $2500 per year.

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