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Pay Per Click Marketing and Google Ads

The Power in Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Ever found yourself wishing you could bypass the queue and head straight to the front? In the realm of local businesses, Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing act as your express ticket, catapulting your business straight into the limelight. Let’s delve into why this dynamic duo is more potent than a double espresso shot for your local business.

The Megaphone Effect of Google Ads

Google Ads operates much like a megaphone at a bustling event; it ensures your voice is heard above the clamour. However, instead of indiscriminately shouting, it deftly targets your message at those most likely to show interest. You know, like individuals actively searching for your services!

The Efficiency of PPC Marketing

Next, let’s tackle PPC Marketing. Visualise a billboard that only incurs a charge when someone expresses interest and clicks for more information. That’s the essence of PPC! Consequently, every penny you expend is actively drawing potential customers closer to your business. It’s the perfect blend of efficiency and effectiveness.

A Level Playing Field for Local Businesses

What truly amplifies the power of the Google Ads and PPC Marketing tandem for local businesses is the equitable platform it generates. It doesn’t matter if your competitors have deeper roots or larger shopfronts. A meticulously structured Google Ads campaign coupled with an intelligent PPC strategy can boost your business’s visibility and affection among local customers.

Let More Leads Local Lead Your Parade

Are you prepared to harness the power of Google Ads and PPC Marketing for your local business? With More Leads Local, you won’t merely be skipping ahead in the queue; you’ll be leading the parade! Let’s commence your journey towards local fame today.

Our Google Ads Strategy

Navigating the maze of Google Ads and PPC Marketing can be as daunting as piloting a spacecraft through a meteor shower. Sounds adrenaline-pumping, doesn’t it? However, here’s the catch: you wouldn’t commandeer that spacecraft without a proficient co-pilot, would you? That’s where More Leads Local steps in. As your trusted co-pilot, we’re ready to guide your business through the Google Ads cosmos, ensuring the best possible results and return on your investment.

More Than Just Setup: Optimisation at Its Best

At More Leads Local, we don’t just launch your Google Ads campaign and hope for a smooth sail. Instead, we adopt a more hands-on approach. Consider us as your campaign’s personal fitness trainer, constantly tweaking and fine-tuning to ensure peak performance. We meticulously hand-pick keywords, forge compelling ad copy, and fine-tune your target audience. Essentially, we’re perpetually under the hood, tuning the engine to provide you with the best mileage for your budget.

Data Analysis: Your Pit Crew for Success

Our commitment doesn’t end there. We’re regularly dissecting and interpreting data from your campaigns, utilizing these insights to further polish and enhance your ads. Think of it as having a pit crew that not just swaps your tyres, but also examines their wear patterns to guarantee you’re always running on the best wheels.

Keeping an Eye on the Prize: More Leads

Here’s the clincher: we undertake all these while focusing on the finish line – generating more leads for your business. After all, every click on your ad represents a potential customer, and we’re committed to attracting as many as possible.

Blast Off Your Google Ads Journey with More Leads Local

So, are you ready to embark on your Google Ads adventure? With More Leads Local in your co-pilot seat, you’re not just prepped for an exhilarating ride; you’re primed for a triumphant mission. Buckle up, and let’s elevate your business to become the star of the local scene!

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Ah, the mesmerising realm of Google Ads and PPC marketing! It’s a wild, fascinating, and sometimes budget-busting wonderland brimming with online possibilities. For newcomers to this digital territory, let’s simplify it. Google Ads is a platform where you place bids to display your advertisements to distinct audiences. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is precisely as it appears: you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

The Cost of Clicks: Investing in Potential Customers

You might be wondering, “What’s the likely expenditure?”. As of 2023, the average cost per click in Google Ads is roughly £3.50. But remember, PPC is like a pub quiz – participating isn’t enough; the goal is to win! In this context, winning translates into converting those clicks into clients.

Conversions: Numbers That Really Matter

The average conversion rate across various sectors stands at about 7.04% in 2023. So, if we do a quick arithmetic exercise, you’ll see that to achieve, say, 100 conversions, you’d need approximately 1,420 clicks, which could set you back around £4,842. Not exactly a minor expenditure, right?

What’s Next?

Right then, so you’ve made it this far, braved the statistics, and are still eager to pursue the Google Ads path. Excellent! Now, let’s delve into what’s next for your business.

First, we need to work out what kind of business we are dealing with to better inform our strategic decisions when we start working together. We like to do this by running your business website through a FREE audit.

Once audited, you can book a strategy call with one of our PPC marketing masters, the Google Ads admin, so to speak. They’ll outline how our ads strategy usually works and how we can apply that to your business to get the most out of our service.

We would love to have a conversation with you about your business