Italian Restaurants in Exeter The Best Places to Dine

Discover the essence of Italian restaurants in Exeter, a city where culinary tradition meets contemporary flair. This guide explores the diverse Italian restaurant scene, from quaint trattorias to sophisticated ristorantes.

Whether you’re seeking authentic pasta, wood-fired pizza, or a gourmet Italian experience, Exeter’s Italian eateries cater to all tastes and budgets, promising a memorable culinary journey.

Authentic Italian Cuisine

  • Il Paradiso: Offers a delightful array of traditional Italian dishes, with a focus on authentic flavours. Their veal Milanese is a standout.
  • Piccolo Mondo: A quaint restaurant known for its hearty and rustic Italian meals. The polenta dishes here come highly recommended.

Price Range and Value of Italian Restaurants in Exeter

  • La Piazza: Provides an affordable yet quality dining experience, with a wide variety of pizzas and pastas under £15.
  • Bistro Bellini: Ideal for those looking to splurge, this high-end restaurant offers exquisite dishes with prices ranging from £30 to £50.

Ambiance and Setting

  • Casa Maroc: Blends Italian and Moroccan decor, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere. It’s great for group gatherings.
  • Tosca Ristorante: Known for its elegant decor and serene ambiance, perfect for a quiet, romantic dinner.

Location and Accessibility

  • Spaghetti Junction: Situated in the bustling city centre, this restaurant is easily accessible and perfect for a post-shopping dinner.
  • Nonna’s Kitchen: Located on the outskirts, it’s a charming spot worth the trip for its homely feel and authentic dishes.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

  • Bella Calabria: Garnering rave reviews for its traditional Calabrian dishes and warm hospitality. It’s particularly famous for its spicy ‘nduja sausage.

Special Offers and Deals for Italian Restaurants in Exeter

  • Roma Café: Offers excellent lunchtime deals, with affordable pizza and pasta options, ideal for a quick and satisfying meal.

Dietary Accommodations

  • Cibo: Notable for its extensive vegan and vegetarian menu, ensuring that plant-based diners have plenty of choices.

Reservation Policies for Italian Restaurants in Exeter

  • Luigi’s Trattoria: A small yet popular restaurant where booking ahead is essential, especially for weekend dining.

Seasonal and Local Ingredients

  • La Locanda Sul Lago: Stands out for its use of fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers, offering a true taste of Italy.

Takeaway and Delivery Options

  • Pizzeria Venezia: Offers a reliable delivery service, bringing their delicious pizzas and pastas right to your doorstep.

Unique Offerings

  • Aromi Italiani: Integrates Italian culinary techniques with international flavours, creating innovative and exciting dishes.

Wine Selection and Pairings

  • Vinoteca di Monica: Not just a restaurant but also a wine bar, offering an impressive selection of Italian wines, each carefully paired with dishes.

Special Events and Catering

  • Fratelli’s: Known for its excellent catering services, they bring the spirit of Italian cuisine to weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

Cooking Classes and Workshops

  • Gusto Deli: Occasionally offers cooking classes, giving patrons a chance to learn authentic Italian cooking techniques.

Local Favourites

  • Antonio’s: A local favourite for its friendly service and consistently good food. Their weekend brunch is particularly popular.

Historical Significance

  • Vecchio Forno: Housed in a historic building, this restaurant offers a journey through time with its classic décor and traditional recipes.
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Exeter’s Italian restaurants offer a delightful culinary adventure, blending traditional Italian flavours with unique local twists. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual pizza night or an elegant dining experience, there’s a place for every occasion and palate.

This guide serves as your gateway to discovering the rich tapestry of Italian dining in Exeter, a journey filled with delectable dishes, warm atmospheres, and unforgettable experiences. Bon appétit!

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