A Guide to Dorchester Pubs

Dorchester, a town steeped in history and culture, boasts a vibrant pub scene that caters to diverse tastes. Whether you’re a local, a visitor, or someone in between, Dorchester pubs offer something for everyone.

From historic establishments to modern hangouts, and from budget-friendly options to upscale experiences, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find your perfect pint or pub grub paradise. Cheers.

The Sun Inn

  • Location: Lower Burton
  • Specialty: The Best Carvery in Dorset
  • Why Visit: Cosy atmosphere, delicious food, friendly staff.

The Royal Oak

  • Location: High West Street
  • Specialty: Local ales, pub grub
  • Why Visit: Historic, family-friendly.

The Blue Raddle

  • Location: Church Street
  • Specialty: Craft beers, unique atmosphere
  • Why Visit: Relaxed, caters to younger patrons.

The King’s Arms

  • Location: High East Street
  • Specialty: Gourmet dining, fine wines
  • Why Visit: Elegant, good for romantic outings.

Tom Brown’s

  • Location: High East Street
  • Specialty: Cocktails, spirits
  • Why Visit: Modern, live music on weekends.

The Junction

  • Location: Great Western Road
  • Specialty: Real ales, sports events
  • Why Visit: Casual, ideal for sports enthusiasts.


  • Location: Trinity Street
  • Specialty: Seafood, rum-based drinks
  • Why Visit: Nautical theme, diverse drinks menu.

The Poet Laureate

  • Location: Pummery Square
  • Specialty: Local brews, poetry events
  • Why Visit: Cultural, literary atmosphere.

The New Inn

  • Location: West Knighton
  • Specialty: Traditional British food, guest ales
  • Why Visit: Rural, peaceful vibe.

Copper Street Brewery

  • Location: Copper Street
  • Specialty: Home-brewed beers
  • Why Visit: Craft experience, learn about brewing.

The Trumpet Major

  • Location: Alington Avenue
  • Specialty: Classic pub food, wide beer selection
  • Why Visit: Spacious, outdoor seating available.

Seven Stars

  • Location: Dorchester Road
  • Specialty: Vegan options, craft beers
  • Why Visit: Inclusive menu, pet-friendly.

Antelope Walk

  • Location: South Street
  • Specialty: Wine and cheese
  • Why Visit: Sophisticated, for wine enthusiasts.

Duke’s Auctioneers Bar

  • Location: Copper Street
  • Specialty: Artisan cocktails, auction viewings
  • Why Visit: Unique, upscale atmosphere.

The White Hart

  • Location: High East Street
  • Specialty: Cask ales, historic setting
  • Why Visit: Traditional, good for history buffs.

The Thirsty Scholar

  • Location: Trinity Street
  • Specialty: Student discounts, pub quizzes
  • Why Visit: Budget-friendly, young crowd.

The Old Ship Inn

  • Location: High West Street
  • Specialty: Seafood platters, local ciders
  • Why Visit: Coastal vibe, seasonal menus.

Prices and Opening Hours for Dorchester Pubs

  • Price Range: £3-£10 for drinks, £10-£25 for meals
  • Hours: Mostly 11am – 11pm, some exceptions
  • Why Important: Budget and schedule accordingly.

Dorchester pubs offer an experience for every taste and occasion. From historic haunts to modern watering holes, you’re sure to find a spot that resonates with you. This guide aims to help you navigate the diversity of Dorchester pubs, making your choice easier and your visit more enjoyable. Cheers to finding your perfect spot for a pint or a meal.

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