The Best Restaurants in Dorchester

The county town of Dorchester is more than just a hub of history and culture; it’s a culinary destination that caters to a multitude of tastes. From the traditional English pubs serving hearty roasts to modern Italian eateries offering innovative pasta dishes, restaurants in Dorchester play host to a variety of gastronomic experiences.

Whether you’re a vegan, a seafood lover, or someone who wants to taste authentic Asian cuisine, Dorchester has a restaurant that suits not just your palate, but also your pocket. Our guide provides a detailed overview, making your next dining decision not just easier but also much more delightful. Let’s explore the culinary offerings of Dorchester restaurants.

English Cuisine

The Sun Inn

  • Countryside Pub with a cosy atmosphere.
  • Price: £15-30 per person
  • Why: Famous for their incredible carvery. Lovely welcoming staff. 

The King’s Arms

  • Historic, traditional English
  • Price: £20-£40 per person
  • Why: Known for Sunday roast. Ideal for special occasions. Intimate and classic interior.

Horse with the Red Umbrella

  • Breakfast and brunch
  • Price: £10-£20 per person
  • Why: Perfect for early morning meetings. Famous for American-style pancakes. Casual ambiance.

The Poet Laureate

  • Pub grub, ales
  • Price: £15-£25 per person
  • Why: Casual atmosphere. Signature fish and chips. Local ale selection. Outdoor seating.

The Gamekeeper

  • Rural, game dishes
  • Price: £20-£40 per person
  • Why: Located in a rustic setting. Specialises in exotic meats like venison. Ideal for family events.

Italian Restaurants in Dorchester

Basilico – Simply Italian

  • Italian pasta, Pizza
  • Price: £15-£30 per person
  • Why: Romantic atmosphere. Known for tiramisu. Authentic Italian experience.

Pizza Express

  • Pizza
  • Price: £15-30 per person
  • Why: Trusted chain restaurant. Good food for a reasonable price. Great service.

Asian Restaurants in Dorchester


  • Indian
  • Price: £15-£25 per person
  • Why: Known for imported spices. Authentic setting.

Lee Garden

  • Chinese
  • Price: £10-£20 per person
  • Why: Quick service. Best for lo mein. Casual and inexpensive.

Thai Nakorn

  • Authentic Thai
  • Price: £20-£40 per person
  • Why: Large menu with great service.

Seafood Restaurants in Dorchester

Al Molo

  • Italian Seafood
  • Price: £20-£40 per person
  • Why: Delicious Italian Seafood dishes. 

Myra’s Kaiseki

  • Japanese Seafood
  • Price: £20-£40 per person
  • Why: Delicious food with beautiful presentation.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Manna Kitchen

  • Cuisine: Organic, vegetarian
  • Price: £10-£20 per person
  • Why: Health-focused menu. Signature dish: quinoa bowls. Calm, natural decor.
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Dorchester offers more than meets the eye. Its culinary landscape is as rich as its history, providing an array of options for every type of food lover. From authentic global cuisines to comfort foods close to home, dining in Dorchester is a journey worth taking.

Whether you seek elegance, casual dining, or ethical eating, this guide lays the path for your gastronomic exploration. Your next memorable meal is just a decision away. Bon appétit!

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