Things to Do in Portsmouth

Looking for an things to do in Portsmouth? This in-depth guide has you covered. Whether you’re a history buff, a beachgoer, a shopper, or someone who enjoys a vibrant nightlife, Portsmouth offers a wide range of activities to fit all interests and budgets.

From maritime history to modern shopping, from serene beaches to bustling nightlife, Portsmouth has something for everyone. Dive in to our guide on things to do in Portsmouth and discover how you can make the most of your time in this dynamic city.

Explore Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

  • Houses HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, and Mary Rose Museum.
  • Adult tickets: £34 for a full navy ticket.
  • Time needed: Full day.
  • Best for: History enthusiasts and families.

Climb Spinnaker Tower

  • 170 meters high.
  • Panoramic views of the city and sea. One of the best things to do in Portsmouth (you can even abseil down the tower if you have the stomach for it!).
  • Adult tickets: £11.95, discounts for advance booking.
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours.
  • Best for: Couples and photography lovers.

Stroll Along South Parade Pier

  • Classic British seaside pier.
  • Arcade games, rides, and cafes.
  • Free to walk, extra for activities.
  • Time needed: Afternoon.
  • Best for: Families and couples.

Dine and Shop at Gunwharf Quays

  • Over 90 outlet shops.
  • Bars, restaurants, and a cinema.
  • Budget: £0-£200 for shopping, £10-£40 for dining.
  • Time needed: Half day or more.
  • Best for: Shoppers and foodies.

Explore Old Portsmouth

  • Cobbled streets and historic homes.
  • Pubs offer traditional English fare.
  • Free to explore.
  • Time needed: 2-3 hours.
  • Best for: History buffs and walkers.

Visit the D-Day Museum

  • Comprehensive D-Day exhibit.
  • Features a 272-foot long tapestry.
  • Adult tickets: £10.
  • Time needed: 2 hours.
  • Best for: History enthusiasts.

Take a Harbour Tour

  • 45-minute boat tour.
  • Views of warships and submarines.
  • Tickets: £10-£20.
  • Time needed: 1 hour.
  • Best for: Naval history fans.

Walk Eastney Beach

  • Quieter beach option.
  • Free to visit. One of the more budget friendly things to do in Portsmouth.
  • Moderate-cost parking.
  • Time needed: Morning or afternoon.
  • Best for: Relaxation seekers.

Immerse yourself in the Nightlife of Albert Road

  • Jazz bars, dance clubs, and restaurants.
  • Budget: £20-£50.
  • Time needed: Evening to late night.
  • Best for: Nightlife lovers and socialites.

Spend the Day at Canoe Lake

  • Paddle-boating and swan feeding. One of the more relaxing things to do in Portsmouth.
  • Costs around £10 for 30-minutes of paddle-boating.
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours.
  • Best for: Families and nature lovers.

Visit Fort Nelson

  • Part of the Royal Armouries.
  • Artillery and fort exhibits.
  • Free entry, donations welcome.
  • Time needed: 2-3 hours.
  • Best for: History and military enthusiasts.

Shred at Southsea Skatepark

  • One of the UK’s oldest skateparks.
  • Entry starts at £5.
  • Time needed: 2 hours for a session.
  • Best for: Skateboarders and BMX riders.
  • Local history and art exhibits. One of the most educational things to do in Portsmouth.
  • Free entry.
  • Time needed: 2 hours.
  • Best for: Art and history aficionados.

Take a Seafront Bicycle Ride

  • Bike rentals along the seafront.
  • Costs start at £5 per hour.
  • Time needed: 1-3 hours.
  • Best for: Active travelers and families.

Visit the Isle of Wight

  • 22-minute hovercraft ride.
  • Day return ticket: around £30.
  • Time needed: Full day.
  • Best for: Adventurers and day-trippers.

Visit Square Tower

  • Built in 1494.
  • Used for events and exhibitions.
  • Entry varies, often free.
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours.
  • Best for: History lovers and event-goers.
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There’s plenty of things to do in Portsmouth for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re keen on diving into history, eager to shop, or simply looking to relax by the sea, this guide aims to offer something for everyone.

With a variety of activities across different budgets and time constraints, Portsmouth is more than just a naval base or a port town; it’s a vibrant city with diverse offerings that cater to all. Plan your visit wisely, and you’ll walk away with rich experiences and cherished memories.

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