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Website Design

Why Do Websites Matter?

Let’s talk websites. Imagine your site as your online shop that runs around the clock. It’s like a diligent, indefatigable employee that never sleeps or even demands a coffee break. Thanks to this ceaseless service, your online shop, or in this case, your website, is constantly available to potential customers. This 24/7 open-door policy significantly enhances your opportunities for sales and business growth.

More than Just a Salesperson: Showcasing Business Personality

However, remember, your website isn’t merely a robotic salesperson. It represents your business’s digital charisma. It serves as the platform to display your business’s unique character, its compelling story, and its exclusive services or products. Essentially, it’s like your business’s dating profile, captivating local customers and fostering their loyalty.

The SEO Wizardry: Boosting Organic Traffic

But wait, there’s even more! Your website is not just about charisma; it’s also an SEO wizard. With a bit of digital sorcery (also known as expert SEO techniques), your website can make its way to the top of the search engine results. This strategic manoeuvre isn’t just for vanity—it’s designed to drive more organic traffic and generate quality leads for your business.

Your Website’s Transformation: From Good to Outstanding

The ultimate result of this digital showmanship is heightened visibility, increased leads, and a growing customer base who believe your business is the best in town. At More Leads Local, we understand this. Think of us as your website’s personal trainer, set to make it stronger, faster, and more effective. We’re here to make your website work smarter, be more engaging, and exert harder for your benefit. Trust us when we say, this endeavour will be worth it!

The Perfect Web Design Package

So, you’re in the market for a formidable website for your local business? Your search ends here! At More Leads Local, we’re not just into creating websites; we’re in the business of constructing digital landmarks that set your business apart in the local landscape. Not to boast, but we’re quite adept at it! Now, let’s dissect this exciting journey.

Setting the Stage: The Engaging Homepage

The homepage is akin to your digital welcome mat. It’s the first thing your customers encounter, thus it must make a significant impression – akin to a dazzling fireworks display! We commit to making your homepage engaging, user-friendly, and informative. Our goal is to eliminate confusion for your visitors while simultaneously increasing your lead generation.

Unveiling Your Story: The Authentic About Page

Your ‘About’ page is the platform to share your unique narrative. It outlines how your business emerged, its status as a local legend, and the reasons why customers should invest their interest. Here, we transition your business from a simple service provider to a cherished community fixture.

Introducing the Service Pages: Your Digital Salespeople

Next up are the service pages – three to be precise. These digital pages serve as eloquent ambassadors, clearly communicating the value of your offerings. We’re talking about detailing benefits, advantages, and all the compelling reasons why your services are unmatched. Clarity for your customers translates into more business for you.

Expanding Locally: The 15-Mile Radius Pages

We take ‘local’ a notch higher. Our approach involves creating multiple location-specific pages, establishing you as a familiar name across various local settings. This strategy is akin to setting up multiple branches of your business across your city without the burden of additional rent. Talk about outsmarting the local competition!

The All-Important Content: Digital Poetry that Sells

For all content aspects, we’re at your service. From providing apt descriptions and compelling words to crafting enticing calls-to-action, we write the digital poetry that triggers the customer response, “I need this service in my life!”

The Magic Touch: On-Page SEO

This is where the enchantment truly happens. We dabble in the SEO wizardry – inserting meta tags, alt text, title tags, schema markup, and more – to make your website irresistible to search engines. It’s our way of whispering alluring phrases into Google’s ear, ensuring your website remains in its good graces.

Localisation: geolocation Data Per Page

We’ll weave each page with specific geolocation data, asserting your standing as THE local business to visit. This geo-targeting strategy places a digital pin on the map for your business, facilitating your discovery by customers.

Here at More Leads Local, we promise more than just a website. We envisage a digital avatar of your business that attracts leads as effortlessly as honey lures bees. Your business is unique, and we believe your website should mirror this distinction. Let’s make your digital transformation a reality!

So, What Next?

Alright! So, you’ve taken a look at the ins and outs of our web design service. You are probably wondering where to head next?

If you already HAVE a website, but you think it needs a little sprucing up, put your theory to the test and run it through our FREE Website SEO Audit. Once the site has been audited, we can diagnose the problems on the site and work out how to fix them. This might mean that we smother your rickety old site in some WD40 and give it a new lease of life, rather than starting from scratch!

If you don’t have a website to audit, it’s time to think about getting in contact with our design team and booking a strategy call with a web design pro! Here at More Leads Local, we have the Gandalf of web design to magic up a solution to your every need (he’s just younger and better looking)!

We would love to have a conversation with you about your business